Vintage Chickenwire Glass

Vintage Industrial  Your one stop shop for all vintage glass needs from handblown to chickenwire we have a huge and ever changing inventory.  From Vitrolite to Roundell we stock all patterned and early manufacturing processed glasses.  We have the largest inventory of pre-world war 2 European patterned glass and a vast array of all types and colors of vintage chickenwire and industrial application sheet glass.  We also stock early mirror (broken down and not) and other curios (bulbedge shelf, Tv screens).

Contact us at 215-901-3463 for any questions.  We can custom cut and ship worldwide.  Wholesale accounts are welcome.




  • Alligator Glass
  • Blackglass
  • Blue Pebbled
  • Clear Chickenwire
  • Gluechip
  • Pebbled Chickenwire
  • Reglex Doublex
  • Roundelle
  • Striated Chickenwire
  • Striated Galvanized